Our Team

KTI ‘s success can only be attributed to its highly experienced and dedicated team members. Employing over 50 staff members, we are extremely proud of the dedication and commitment to quality that each of the KTI family delivers to our customers and their needs on a daily basis.

Adelaide Team

  • Steve Buck


    Steve founded KTI from humble beginnings and has been around transport longer than he wants us to know. Through perseverance through a lot of hard times KTI now employs over 68 people across Australia.
  • Jono Buck

    General Manager

    18 years service to KTI and a wealth of transport knowledge. Get the boat and the fishing rods out and you won’t see him for dust.
  • Tammy Phillips

    National Administration Manager

    22 years of service to KTI. She would like go home to some R&R however with a young family there are always sports and social functions to attend.
  • Brett Harland

    State Manager

    Brett has a great mind for all things logistics and keeps his finger right on the pulse. He is a keen AFL supporter and plays in the local league
  • Barry Scholz

    Strategy & Development, CoR

    Barry loves the intricacies of business and helping a business to move forward. He lives close to the beach and enjoys washing the day away with some time at the beach.
  • Olivia Marlin

    Account Executive

    Olivia is a great asset to our team and loves the finer details, she likes nothing more than a weekend full of sporting events, music events and a glass full of something “nice”.

Perth Team

  • Clifton Otte

    WA Operations Manager

    Clifton is a keen soccer supporter, player and loves his annual leave trips with his family.

Melbourne Team

  • Andrew Bedford

    Melbourne Depot Manager

    Andrew has been in the transport industry for over 25 years. He likes nothing more than getting the caravan and fishing rod out and heading away with the family.
  • Jake Edwards

    Melbourne Warehouse Manager

    Jake’s free time consists of getting away from suburbia and enjoying the serenity of camping.